Battery Chargers for Li-Ion and Li-Pol batteries (1-3 series connected cells) (GM-5W and SYB-L models)

The appearance of the chargers (for all models)

Technical Specification on the Battery Charger for Li-ion and Li-Pol batteries.


ModelInput voltage, VFrequency, HzOutput voltage max, VOutput current max, ACurrent of end of chargeOperating temperature, °CStorage temperature, °CWeight, gSize, mmWires length, mmCharging method
GM-5W100 — 24047 — 634.21.20,01С0 - +40-40 - +708584 х 75 х 44900СС-СV
W-L2S10M100 — 24047 — 638.41.00,01С0 - +40-40 - +708884 х 75 х 44900СС-СV
W-L3S10M100 — 24047 — 6312.61.00,01С0 - +40-40 - +709584 х 75 х 44900СС-СV

Humidity level of the environment during usage - from 20% to 85%
Humidity level of the environment during storage - from 10% to 95%
Service life - not less than 40000 hours.

Charging algorithm:
When the charger with a battery is connected to the electrical network, the LED on the front cover of the charger lights up red. When the charging current drops to 0.01C, the LED changes color and becomes green. The charge is finished.

CC-CV charge method. The first stage: charging at constant current until the voltage reaches 4.2V (8.4V or 12.6 V, depending on the model of the Charger). The second stage: charging at constant voltage until the charging current drops to 0.01C (where C is the capacity of the battery or cell).

Battery Charger can be fitted with any plug upon customer’s request.


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